Coaching and Prices

I always tailor my tennis coaching to the individual.  The following are the most popular courses:

How to hold your raquet
How to stand
Ball control
Understanding the different strokes

 Improving your game
 Techniques to foil your apponent
 Shot construction

Improve Your Tennis
30 minute assessment of your level including a discussion of where you feel work is needed.
Development of a plan of action to improve these areas.

If you feel you would like to practice just hitting skills then a program can be tailored to this.

Match Partner
If you would like to play a game with no coaching then please call me to arrange

Childrens Coaching
Children usually love tennis and the challenge of teaching them is to work with their natural strength.  This beings a process of encouragement, practice and tuition which develops them into all round players.

Group vs. Individual Coaching
Group coaching is possible and can be a fun way to learn especially if a number of people are wanting to improve their hitting or serving, for example.  Group coaching can also work for children as the environment will enable the group to play against someone of their own age and skill.  There is, however,  no substitute for individual tuition to work on those problem areas of your game.

Both group and individual coaching are my specialty.

The price for individual one hour coaching is 35 Euro

This includes use of a court for that hour in a location close to you and all equipment (if required).

Prices do vary for both group coaching, childrens coaching and if you would like to play on your own court.  Please contact me for further details.